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Ultrashield - Newtechwood

Ultrashield Naturale Cladding Trims

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UltraShield Naturale Cladding Trims

Perfect Finishing Touch for a Seamless and Elegant Look

Complete your cladding project with the UltraShield Naturale Cladding Trims, designed to provide the perfect finishing touch that enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of your exterior walls. These trims are crafted to match the superior quality and appearance of UltraShield Naturale Cladding, ensuring a cohesive and polished look for any building facade.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Integration: UltraShield Naturale Cladding Trims are designed to seamlessly integrate with UltraShield Naturale Cladding panels, providing a flawless and professional finish. The trims ensure that every edge and corner of your cladding project looks clean and refined.

  • Durable Construction: Made from advanced composite materials, these trims are built to withstand the elements. The protective cap layer offers resistance to stains, scratches, and fading, ensuring that your trims maintain their appearance and performance over time.

  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy the convenience of low-maintenance cladding trims that require no painting, staining, or sealing. Simply clean with soap and water to keep them looking their best, saving you time and effort.

  • Eco-Friendly: UltraShield Naturale Cladding Trims are made from 95% recycled materials, including high-density polyethylene plastics and hardwood fibers. Choose a product that not only delivers exceptional performance but also supports sustainability.

  • Easy Installation: Designed for ease of use, these trims are straightforward to install, fitting perfectly with UltraShield Naturale Cladding panels. Their precise dimensions and consistent quality ensure a smooth installation process and a professional finish.

  • Warranty: Backed by a 25-year limited warranty, UltraShield Naturale Cladding Trims offer peace of mind and confidence in their durability and longevity.


Ideal for both residential and commercial projects, UltraShield Naturale Cladding Trims are perfect for:

  • Exterior wall edges
  • Corners and joints
  • Window and door frames
  • Custom architectural features


  • F Trim (End) (47.5mm x 45.5mm)
  • I Trim (79mm x 27mm)
  • Inside Corner Trim (99.5mm x 54.5mm)
  • Outside Corner Trim (55mm x 59mm)
  • Colours: Teak & Light Grey
  • Material: High-density polyethylene and hardwood fibers with a protective cap layer

Why Choose UltraShield Naturale Cladding Trims?

UltraShield Naturale Cladding Trims are the ultimate choice for those seeking to achieve a polished and cohesive look for their cladding projects. With their seamless integration, exceptional durability, and low-maintenance design, these trims ensure that your exterior walls not only look stunning but also stand the test of time. Enhance your building facade with the elegance and resilience of UltraShield Naturale Cladding Trims and enjoy a sustainable, high-performance solution for your architectural needs.

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