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Embrace the Elegance of Ultrashield Naturale Traditional Cladding

Transform Your Space with Unmatched Beauty and Durability

Imagine your home adorned with cladding that not only looks breathtaking but also stands the test of time. Our Ultrashield Naturale Traditional Cladding offers you this perfect blend of aesthetic brilliance and remarkable resilience. This isn't just cladding; it's a promise of enduring beauty.

Why Choose Ultrashield Naturale Traditional Cladding?

Unparalleled Durability: Picture your exterior walls facing the harshest elements, from relentless sun to heavy rain, without a single blemish. Ultrashield Naturale Traditional Cladding is engineered to outperform other composites, backed by a 25-year warranty against fading, staining, rotting, and splitting. This is peace of mind, guaranteed.

Effortless Maintenance: Imagine never having to paint or stain your cladding again. With Ultrashield, maintenance is a breeze. A simple wash keeps it looking as stunning as the day it was installed, freeing you to enjoy your beautiful home without the hassle of upkeep.

Versatile Design: Whether you envision it inside or out, horizontally or vertically, Ultrashield cladding adapts to your vision. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it the perfect choice for any project.

Natural Aesthetic: Feel the allure of one of the most natural-looking clad boards in the UK. Available in two exquisite woodgrain colours—Light Grey and Teak—Ultrashield brings the warmth and charm of natural wood to your space.

Eco-Friendly Choice: Embrace sustainability with cladding made from 95% recycled materials. Ultrashield Naturale is not just a product; it's a commitment to the environment, allowing you to beautify your home responsibly.

Key Features of Ultrashield Naturale Traditional Cladding

Fade, Stain, Rot, and Split Warranty: Enjoy 25 years of guaranteed performance, ensuring your cladding remains as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Low Maintenance: Say goodbye to painting and staining. A simple wash keeps your cladding looking new.

Versatile Application: Perfect for both internal and external use, and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Natural Woodgrain Colours: Choose from Light Grey and Teak for a look that complements any design.

Eco-Friendly: Made from 95% recycled materials, Ultrashield is a sustainable choice for your home.

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Don't wait to transform your space with the elegance and durability of Ultrashield Naturale Traditional Cladding. Experience the blend of beauty and resilience that only Ultrashield can offer.

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