Collection: Outdoor Spot Lights

A great custom outdoor spot light system starts with great planning. Think about the parts of the garden need illumination. Complete your custom garden lighting design with Ellumiere's easy-to-install plug n play wiring and connectors. You can place the lights anywhere and hide the cables underneath your lawn, soil or dirt. Don’t know what transformer you need? No problem. This system uses just one. It’s so simple. Just plug it in and away you go.

What is needed?

Firstly add the Start Kit to your basket. In this kit you start off with the all important Transformer a 100W system that can provide power for up to 50 (2W) small spot lights or 32 (3W) larger spot lights. It also includes a 10m starter cable with four spot lights, three 1m branch cables and three T-piece connectors to join the branch cables to the lights.

Want to extend your kit with more than four light?

Buy the extension kit that includes four additional lights, three 1m branch cables and three more t-piece connectors. The same transformer can also be used with additional deck light extension kits or bollard lights on the same chain as the deck lights. 

Why not add extra items such as an automatic light sensor that automatically turns your lights on and off at night, with 4 or 6 hour timer function.

Illuminate your garden with ease and without too much cost or installation expertise.