Collection: Garden Lighting

Illuminate Your Garden - Launch Discount of all set of lights purchased

Transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis with our high-quality Outdoor Spot Lights. Designed for easy installation, our plug n’ play system lets you effortlessly brighten up your garden.

  • Simple Setup: Begin with our Starter Kit, featuring a powerful 100W Transformer and everything you need for four spotlights. Expand your lighting design with our Extension Kit for additional brilliance.
  • Effortless Expansion: Our versatile Transformer supports up to 50 small or 32 large spotlights. Mix and match with deck lights or bollard lights for a comprehensive lighting solution.
  • Automatic Convenience: Enhance your garden’s ambience with our automatic light sensor. Enjoy the ease of lights that turn on and off automatically, complete with a timer function.

Elevate your garden’s beauty and functionality with our Outdoor Spot Light collection – it’s simple, cost-effective, and perfect for any DIY project.

Products launched include:

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