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Ultrashield Decking Locking Clip & Screw

Ultrashield Decking Locking Clip & Screw

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Product features

Box = 50
Screw included

Materials and care

Powder coated Stainless Steel


How many locking clips do I need?

2 Clips are required per board.

What are locking clips for?

Composite Decking will expand and contract depending on the temperature. These clips control the expansion and contraction by locking the board to the joist. Please refer to the installation instructions for further information.

Ultrashield Locking Clips

Metal locking clips with black coated phillips headed screw.

Please note that use two clips per board to control expansion and contraction of the boards. ideally use the two joists nearest to the centre of each board to use the locking clips,


(For use with 25 boards)

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