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Ecoscape Fencing Plastic Holder / Security Clip

Ecoscape Fencing Plastic Holder / Security Clip

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Can you install composite fencing panels in existing concrete posts?

The fence boards are 1830mm in length, giving the customer an option to use in between existing concrete posts. The profile is 45mm thick so no need for wedges/packer. A perfect fit!

How many composite fence panels do I need for a 6ft fence?

The Fence boards are 157 x 45 x 1830mm – Once installed the face of the fence board is 150mm, making it easy to create UK standard height panels. For example 12 x fence boards = 1800mm (12 x 150mm) or 6ft fence / 10 fence boards = 1500mm or 5ft / 8 fence boards = 1200mm or 4ft.

The plastic holder is designed to screw into the recess of your composite fence posts, allowing the aluminium bottom rail to be held level when installing onto soft or uneven ground. The plastic holder can also be used as a security clip, when fixed into the post above your top rail or top fence board, preventing the composite fence boards from being lifted. Supplied as a pack of 2.
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