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Extra Thick 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles Avenue Collection 600x600mm / 900x600mm £36/m2 Inc Vat

Extra Thick 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles Avenue Collection 600x600mm / 900x600mm £36/m2 Inc Vat

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Product features

• 20mm thick
• Available in 2 sizes 60x60cm / 90x60cm
• Anti Slip R11 rating
• 3 Colours: Tortora, Grey & Light Grey
• Resistant against: Frost, Acid, Crack & Stains

Materials and care

Glazed Porcelain


What are porcelain tiles?

Porcelain tiles are a kind of ceramic tile that is made from porcelain clay. They are fired at a higher temperature compared to other ceramic tiles. This makes them more dense and less porous which means they are less likely to absorb moisture.

What size tiles do you offer?

We have three sizes of tiles within our range 60x60cm, 90x60cm and 120x40cm.

What finish do the porcelain tiles have?

All the tiles we offer have a high anti slip rating of R11 or R12.
The R12 (Canyon) range is a rougher more stone like texture where the R11 rated tiles (Avenue, Ground and Grove) have a smoother finish but still offering a great level of slip resistance.

How do you clean Porcelain tiles?

Regular maintenance is required for porcelain tiles to keep them looking like new and prevent dirt from building up and becoming slippy. If regularly maintained with a stiff brush and warm soapy water they keep their appearance. If dirt has been allowed build up and they require a more thorough clean. We would recommend spraying the tiles with water then adding washing powder to the surface, brush into the tiles and allow to soak for 10minutes before jet washing off.

The Avenue collection offers a unique colour and texture blend of granite and basalt, creating a strong and distinct porcelain stone. Developed using digital printing technology, it boasts high graphic diversity and less repetition in patterns. Its slightly textured surface allows for outdoor use in all weather conditions, with reduced risk of slipping. To suit various settings, this collection comes in a 20mm thick and available in two sizes of 60x60cm and 60x90cm formats. These can be applied in gardens, public spaces, parking lots, sidewalks, industrial areas, and urban areas. This versatile collection also includes special pieces for swimming pool areas, making it suitable for pool complexes and seaside resorts.

  • Supplied in full packs of 64 tiles (60x60cm) & 40 tiles (60x90cm)
  • Each tile is 20mm thick
  • 60x60 tiles measure at 595 x 595mm allowing for a 5mm gap per tile
  • Each 60x60 tile has a coverage of 0.36m2 (full pack coverage 23.04m2)
  • 60x90cm tiles measure at 595 x 895mm again allowing for a 5mm gap per tile
  • Each 60x90 tile has a coverage of 0.54m2 (Full pack coverage 21.6m2)
  • Available in three colours
  • R11 Anti Slip Rating - Providing moderate resistance to slips (PTV >36)
  • Ramp tested rated C - suitable for areas such as commercial pools, jacuzzi's
  • Random Art on each tile

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