With some thinking and inspiration it is possible to utilise your outdoor living space to create a lovely garden seating area to be enjoyed by all, no matter what size garden at your disposal.

A really good tip when thinking about where to place your seating area is to picture your garden as a road map: visualise how you will access the garden and the journey you would take through it. You don’t want to plot a seating area right in front of the access space, you want to leave some breathing space around the area.

For a small garden, keep the space inviting and intimate. For a large space think about the amount of people you would like to cater for at any one time and look for the appropriate seating arrangements. For a large family and friends, you want ample of seating choices, rather than one table and four chairs surrounding it.

garden space

A lovely garden seating area on composite decking using wicker furniture and cushions

If you are struggling to set the boundaries of the garden seating area a good tip is to use plants or a fence, balustrade, garden screen to create a dedicated section in your outdoor living space. For small spaces free standing garden screens are perfect for creating boundaries, easily removable if you want to open up the area and make use of the whole space. Boundaries can add a personal touch and character to a space, and make it feel cosy and inviting for the user.

When thinking about adding a flooring solution for the garden seating area, be practical in your choice. Resortdeck composite decking is scratch resistant, so will be able to accommodate a range of furniture solution, from traditional metal designs to more contemporary wicker furniture. The seating arrangements in your garden will be the most used area, so this is where you want to be spending must of your budget, on durable and low maintenance materials such as composite decking which has a much longer lifespan than traditional timber decking and will allow you to relax in your garden with peace of mind you have created an outdoor living space set to last.

With the British sunshine being very rare to catch, it is of course a clever idea to think about where the sun hits your garden the longest before deciding on a place for your seating area. You don’t want to be sat in the shade when the sunshine comes out to play! And don’t be scared of being uncomfortable in the heat as you can always include a lovely umbrella within your table to have a rest from the sunny rays if required.

modern area

Stunning modern composite decking garden design with seating arrangements built in

Think about what you want to look at when relaxing in your garden. Make sure to make the most of your views, plants, trees that are visible in your outdoor space.

Of course, if you were to utilise composite decking as a flooring solution to set your seating arrangements, you can take the design a step further and build the seating are within the deck, with a decking bench and possible table, eliminating the need to add other furniture to the space.

Finally, remember to make it comfortable. Your outdoor living space wants to be inviting, answer your needs and you should be proud of showcasing it to family and friends.

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