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Artificial Green Wall Panels

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• Modular Design
• Flexible recycled plastic mesh backing
• Botanically accurate in appearance
• Maintenace Free
• Use interior or Exterior
• UV Resistant
• 2 Year Guarantee

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We offer a large range of Green wall products for use inside and outside, we pride ourselves on the high quality of the green walls we supply using the best artificial plants and greenery to produce luxurious, low maintenance, easy to install products that meet our customers demands and requirements.

Flexible backing constructed from recycled plastic mesh allows flexibility during installation on walls, fences, ceilings or around curved shapes.

The plants chosen for each panel are botanically accurate in their appearance giving a vibrant luscious natural look no matter where The Green Wall panels are installed. If you are looking for a certain colour scheme contact our sales team with your requirements and we will be able to discuss your options.

UV Stable these green walls will not deteriorate when used outside with very little maintenance required.

Browse our range panels below and purchase today.

Supplied as 1 metre square panels, that can be split into four 50cm square sections, or attached to make bigger sections. Prices are per meter sqaure.

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